Becscie.Slab04/08/19: Larry and Seth published an article in PNAS about the use of barnacles to reconstruct ancient whale migration routes.

11/04/18: Seth received the Paleontological Society Schuchert Award! – Adiel

06/15/17: Congrats to Adiel! New paper in Science on Phanerozoic increase in predator-prey size ratios as reconstructed from predatory drill holes on shells.

03/30/17: New paper on plate tectonic regulation of marine biodiversity through the Phanerozoic in PNAS

12/12/16: Read more about Larry’s work in a recent article in The Atlantic!

09/27/16: Larry Taylor’s work has been featured in a Science News article. Congratulations, Larry!

8/10/16: Congratulations to my lab members for winning the following awards:
Larry Taylor: Paleontological Society Rodney M. Feldmann Award, Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research
Emily Orzechowski: 2015-16 UCMP Fellowship, Association of Women Geoscientists Winifred Goldring Award
James Saulsbury: Rackham Merit Fellowship (University of Michigan)

10/11/15: Congratulations to Emily Orzechowski on receiving a National Geographic Young Explorer’s Grant!

10/15/15: I am very pleased and grateful to have been selected for a Packard Fellowship in Science and Engineering.  We will be adding a new postdoc position soon; details will be posted on the Opportunities page. -Seth