Research in the Finnegan lab benefits enormously from collaborations with other lab groups. This is a partial list of groups with which we are currently working or have recently worked:

Sean Anderson, UW Seattle

Blois Lab, UC Merced

Droser Lab, UC Riverside

Fike Lab, Washington University

Fischer Lab, CalTech

Harnik Lab, Franklin and Marshall College

David Harper, Durham University

Melanie Hopkins, American Museum of Natural History

Hull Lab, Yale University

Ivany Lab, Syracuse University

David Jones, Amherst College

Kowalewski Lab, University of Florida

Björn Kröger, University of Helsinki

Lee-Hsiang Liow, Natural History Museum of Oslo

Rowan Lockwood, College of William and Mary

Lotze Lab, Dalhousie University

Craig McClain, Duke University

Dan Muhs, U.S. Geological Survey

O’Dea Lab, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Payne Lab, Stanford University

Sara Pruss, Smith College

Christian Rasmussen, Natural History Museum of Denmark

Carl Simpson, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Smith Lab, University of New Mexico

Derek Tittensor, Dalhousie University